There are times when groups are not engaged in a conflict but desire a working session to brainstorm ideas and solutions to achieving a specific goal.   The group may have a shared desire to achieve a certain goal, but experience hurdles when deciding the proper steps to take to reach the goal.  This group would benefit from the involvement of a neutral third party, to help guide them through a group think process called Facilitation.


The facilitator would help the group be their most creative, productive and effective selves.   The group will brainstorm solutions together, discuss them in detail, select the best options, and then develop an agreement about how to proceed.   Just as in mediation, the session is voluntary, confidential and informal. Professional facilitation enables managers to focus on the mission of the meeting rather than the timetable. 


Our facilitators conduct through informational meetings with the manager of the group, to gain an understanding of their needs, expectations, the group’s purpose, project objectives and goals.  We also work together to determine the key decision makers, a process agenda, ground rules, and the method(s) used to track the group’s progress.  We work with groups to facilitate effective communication, maintain focus on the process, and achieve collaboratively desired goals.


If you think your group would benefit from our facilitation services, do not hesitate to contact us.