Resolve Together, LLC provides mediation, facilitation and other Alternative Dispute resolution services to help individuals, families, attorneys, agencies or other organizations resolve their disputes in a cost-effective, time-saving, collaborative manner.  Our goal is to help individuals in conflict, see past their positions to recognize their shared interests, and resolve their dispute together.   We strive to empower individuals to work together to resolve their issues in a way that suits the needs of everyone involved.

We will work with you to understand the basis of your dispute and help you determine which Alternative Dispute Resolution method is best for your situation.   We will provide you with well-trained, experienced, professional mediators possessing very diverse backgrounds and fields of experience, to assist you in achieving your goal of resolution.  We believe in offering a fresh and innovative approach to mediation, while enhancing and guiding the communication process between individuals in conflict.

Conflict can be stressful.  It causes people to be defensive, and leaves a lot of room for misunderstanding, resentment, and in some cases a lengthy and expensive legal battle.  However, with the proper focus of energy on an effective process, conflict can have positive effects.  It can create an effective dialogue about difficult issues and feelings.  Conflict can also improve relationships in the future if the matter is resolved properly.  Mediation is all about effective conflict resolution.

Resolve Together, LLC provides mediation, facilitation and other services to various areas throughout Maryland and Washington, D.C., including but not limited to the following cities: Gaithersburg, Germantown, Bethesda, Rockville, Frederick, Silver Spring, Olney, Urbana, Potomac and Damascus.   When necessary, we are willing to travel to other locations to meet your needs.   We are willing to travel to meet your dispute resolution needs.  Just call us to discuss your situation.

“Candace has demonstrated professionalism in all of her dealings with [our company].  Complaints were informally resolved with Ms. Simpson’s assistance through a mediation agreement signed by all participants. ” – J. Whyte

“Candace is a clear and concise communicator, both of which are valuable in mediators! I have been pleased to work with Candace and I always know the case will be handled professionally and with care. ” – C. Stilwell

“Candace brings care, focus, patience, and persistence to her role as a mediator. Candace [also] brings both thoughtfulness and determination to her work. ” -M. Benefiel